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 About You 

Most of my clients are in the professional services, technology, charity/care and engineering sectors. I usually work with the middle layer of management, including team leaders and supervisors – as well as owner managers.

I also work with in-house HR teams and supporting HR consultants.

What people issues are you experiencing?

Have you wondered why you’re not getting the results you want through your people? My clients often start our journey together with some of the following issues:

  • You’re struggling to connect with your team

  • You have a high absence or turnover rate in your team

  • You’re not sure what areas you need to develop to succeed in your role as a manager, team leader or supervisor

  • You’re finding it hard to move on from a difficult situation with one of your team members

  • You’re lacking the confidence to get your message across or are struggling to make your voice heard

  • You find your team are resistant to change or are not doing as you’ve asked

  • You’d like to build more trust with your team

  • You’d like to be able to delegate more easily

  • You’d like meetings to last only as long as they need while generating clear action plans

  • You don’t feel you’ve got enough hours in the day to get everything done.


After working with me, you will emerge as a confident, credible and competent manager with a new and improved Unique Management Footprint and a clear ability to get the best out of your people.