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Career coaching for individuals

If you’re at a crossroads in your career, coaching can give you clarity about which path to take. You might want to stay in your current role with a renewed motivation, look for other opportunities or simply reassess your options.

I have created the Unique Career Footprint©: a diagnostic tool that highlights options which will suit your skill set and mindset. I then help you prepare to take the next steps.


For individuals, the UCF is valuable if:

  • You’d like to remain in your current role but feel you would benefit from a heightened level of motivation

  • You’re going through a restructure at work and need to apply for your own role

  • You want to apply for new positions but haven’t attended an interview for a long time

  • You’ve been forced to leave employment through redundancy or long-term illness

  • You’re returning to work after maternity, paternity or parental leave or a career break. 


After years of stability and familiarity in his career as a operations manager, Steve was forced to reapply for his role in a company restructure. The process was daunting; Steve’s confidence hit rock-bottom and his anxiety soared. Using the Unique Career Footprint, I helped Steve work out how to approach the situation with strength and certainty to reach a positive conclusion.



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Career coaching within companies

Nina was able to ask searching questions to enable me to think differently about my situation and overcome deep-seated fears and experiences that were holding me back. Having brought those out, Nina helped me to think of them in a different context which helped to provide me with a positive outlook on my skills and capabilities. This improved my personal self-awareness and has led me to being more equipped to deal with difficult questions in an interview setting.

For companies, the UCF is effective for:

  • Encouraging employees to stay loyal to your organisation – it is particularly successful for millennials who welcome development opportunities

  • Supporting employees in seeking alternative employment because of a restructure.

6 powerful benefits of career coaching using the Unique Career Footprint

4. Save time searching and applying for roles that don’t suit you

5. Reduce the stress and loneliness that can accompany a job search
6. Feel practically prepared with a strong CV and covering letter

  1. Gain clarity on the options available and the best path to take

  2. Feel a sense of hope and belief as you work out where to go next

  3. Experience greater self-confidence and self-esteem

Following redundancy after many years at the same company, I felt at a loss with up-to-date interviewing techniques – especially competency-based questions. Nina helped me to identify both my strengths and weaknesses and to pinpoint the role I really wanted. Nina also provided lots of assistance with my CV. The one-to-one sessions were of great help and made me focus and think deeply with the aid of questions and diagrams. One particular role did materialise and with Nina’s help, I felt confident that I now had the skills and know-how to deal with both the interview and the job itself. I was offered the role I really wanted and my confidence has improved greatly.
— Anne Turton, secretary


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If you feel you’re at a career crossroads, coaching will help. Please get in touch.