6. Recognising the strategic, rather than operational, nature of HR



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* Clients’ names changed to respect our confidential relationship.
Jade is an HR manager working long hours. Line managers in the business rely heavily on her to resolve basic staff management queries, meaning Jade often falls behind with her own workload.

Jade often feels that she is out of the loop when people-focused decisions are made at senior management level. She feels confined by the operational and administrative aspects of her role and doesn’t have the opportunity to provide an HR perspective at senior management level.


My work with Jade is twofold. First, I have been coaching her to raise her confidence with directors. This is an important ingredient for HR being recognised as a strategic role with a valuable and essential input at leadership level decision-making.  

Second, I am in the process of leading a management development programme to enable line managers to manage their staff more effectively and reduce their dependence on HR for basic staff queries.

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So far, Jade has been able to influence the senior team to hold back on a strategic restructuring decision until managers have an opportunity to improve their skill set and resolve wider team issues.   

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