Coaching for managers, team leaders and supervisors

Every time you interact with someone in your team, you leave a lasting imprint on their minds and hearts.

Once you’re aware of the nature of that imprint, you can develop and refine it to make sure you’re helping your people to thrive.

I have created the Unique Management Footprint©: a proactive and supportive diagnostic tool for managers. It identifies your strengths and areas for improvement in your current role and helps you better support the people in your team – at work and in life.


Effectively solving people issues

Mayler Management Coaching is particularly effective when:

  • Your team is experiencing symptoms such as low output, poor morale or high turnover

  • Your team includes newly appointed managers who would benefit from developing their people skills

  • You don’t have the time or resources to firefight people management issues, either directly or in a supporting HR role.