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 Interview with Nina


Q. Nina, what motivated you to set up Mayler Management Coaching?

Employee relations work tends to be reactive, and there’s usually a commercial requirement to resolve people issues as quickly as possible. This means that individual development is often overlooked. I’m a development specialist with a proactive approach and I believe in a growth mindset. This means that everyone has the capability to improve with the right conditions.

In my many years as an HR consultant, I watched underperforming managers suffer through disciplinaries, grievances or capability processes when I firmly believed they could have succeeded in their role with the right support and training. I set up Mayler Management Coaching to meet this need.

Nina’s personable communication style, intuition, empathy and clear commercial understanding of the demands of the middle management layer, provided a practical and pragmatic approach to upskilling my management and supervisory teams. Using her coaching and mentoring skills, Nina facilitated and developed the art of collaboration between department leaders. Nina helped the business to stabilise quickly from the restructure process and be in a stronger position to move forwards.
— Owner of an agricultural company

Q. As a management coach, what makes you different from other management trainers or L&D professionals? 

When I’m called into a company, I begin by establishing individual needs using the one-to-one UMF process. It is only after these initial assessments that I look to identify thematic overlaps between individuals. If similarities emerge, workshops or group coaching are likely to be beneficial.

However, if a pain point is unique to one person, I would recommend one-to-one coaching. My process therefore produces a bespoke coaching programme where I can be sure that the client receives the support they need. I actively encourage managers to support one another as each person embarks on their own growth journey.


Q. Why did you develop the Unique Management Footprint©?

As a qualified coach, I’m trained to ask powerful questions that can draw out hidden issues and pinpoint areas of improvement. I created the UMF to help us look beyond an immediate pain issue and consider more broadly a manager’s mindset, knowledge, skills, experience and behaviour. This lets us move away from invoking disciplinary and capability procedures and focus on developing behaviours and skills.

My fundamental belief has always been that people build businesses and it’s vitally important to invest in managers’ training and development.

Nina is one of the most diligent people I have ever had the pleasure to work with. I trust her implicitly and I know that she cared about the business and our clients as much as I did. Nina has a gentle and respectful manner which is essential for building trust and confidence. She is thoughtful, considered, passionate and has genuine empathy for others.
— Marie Hodgson, HR company director


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Who do you work with in a company?

Firstly, I connect with the business owner or HR manager who believes in investing in their managers, team leaders and supervisors — not just because they want to see them succeed, but because they understand the commercial benefits. Then I meet the managers and begin the growth journey in an atmosphere of support.


To find out how I can help you or your team, please get in touch.