Career coaching for individuals

If you’re at a crossroads in your career, coaching can give you clarity about which path to take. You might want to stay in your current role with a renewed motivation, look for other opportunities or simply reassess your options.

I have created the Unique Career Footprint©: a diagnostic tool that highlights opportunities that suit your skill set and mindset. I then help you prepare to take the next steps.


For individuals, the UCF is valuable if:

  • You’d like to remain in your current role but feel you would benefit from a heightened level of motivation

  • You’re going through a restructure at work and need to apply for your own role

  • You want to apply for new positions but haven’t attended an interview for a long time

  • You’ve been forced to leave employment through redundancy or long-term illness

  • You’re returning to work after maternity, paternity or parental leave or a career break.