5. Bouncing back from unexpected redundancy



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* Clients’ names changed to respect our confidential relationship.
Sophie had worked at a manufacturing company for over 20 years when she was unexpectedly made redundant from her role as accounts assistant.

 Sophie was devastated, and confused about what to do next. She began looking for other finance roles but her heart wasn’t in it. She realised she wanted to do something different; the question was, what? 


Sophie needed a safe space to take a deeper look at her career history. Over 3 sessions we went through her communication style to better understand how she processes information, before assessing her skills, abilities, knowledge, experience and career values. We mapped that against the roles she was applying for and the kind of tasks she’d enjoyed in the past, which would raise her motivation.  

Sophie decided to apply for roles that involved tasks and responsibilities she’d done 20 years ago, and she still touched on in her recent role. It meant a move away from pure finance. The process brought clarity and a new focus.

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When Sophie approached recruitment agencies she was able to clearly and confidently articulate what she wanted, so they could pinpoint exactly the types of role they had on offer. After she was called for a 2-stage interview process, I helped Sophie prepare with a mock competency-based interview. This resulted in her being offered the role without needing to progress to another round.

Nina has a unique way of being able to identify issues and concerns that could be affecting you. Through her coaching style she is able to help you articulate these concerns and then has a strong array of tools and techniques at her fingertips to help resolve these concerns and move onto the next stage. She has also a vast experience in recruitment and as an HR professional so she really does know how a recruiting manager would think.’

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