3. Exploring options other than an exit strategy



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* Clients’ names changed to respect our confidential relationship.
Managing director, Caitlin, started her company over 10 years ago, working with an assistant, Mark, who soon joined her as a director. As the company expanded, Mark’s team grew and they started to pursue new markets.  

After a while, Caitlin observed that Mark was struggling to motivate his team and get results. Staff turnover was steadily increasing and Mark began to lose confidence in his ability. Knowing their personal friendship was at stake, Caitlin didn’t want to follow the normal HR options of a capability process or an exit strategy, but was growing increasingly concerned and frustrated.  

I was introduced to the company by an employment solicitor as a fresh and alternative option.  


I met Mark to understand what issues and barriers he was experiencing in motivating his team and truly stepping into his role as manager. I used the Unique Management Footprint<insert link to UMF page> to help in my assessment.

Following a tripartite meeting between Caitlin, Mark and me to define expectations, I worked with Mark for 9 weeks of weekly coaching sessions, with behavioural actions in between to address the issues. This provided a combination of coaching, mentoring and training to close the gaps in his knowledge, skill and experience. After a second tripartite meeting, we had a breakthrough.

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Once Mark understood more about how he was approaching his team, it led to an increase in self-awareness, significant behavioural change and the unleashing of his management potential. Mark is now operating at a management level, thinking more about his team and leading them through their workload. He is collaborating with others and drawing them into the vision of new markets.

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