One in two employees leaves a role because of their manager

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It doesn’t have to be that way

Are you a manager, team leader or supervisor who wants to help your team thrive?
Or are you at a crossroads in your career and don’t know which path to take?

If so, Mayler Management Coaching is for you and I believe I can help.


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Management coaching

Managers | Team leaders | Supervisors
In groups or 1-2-1


Career coaching

Individuals and
Succession planning

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People management consultancy

Internal HR teams | Supporting HR consultants


Management coaching

Helping you bring out the best in your people by developing them to the next level.

My Unique Management Footprint© gets to the heart of how a manager interacts with their people, signalling areas we can improve to help reduce people issues and improve the bottom line.

You will experience higher retention of valued employees, less time dealing with people challenges (including disciplinaries, grievances and costly exits) and a happier, more productive workforce.


Career coaching

If you’re at a crossroads with your current employer or are looking for new opportunities, understanding your Unique Career Footprint© can help.

The UCF is a diagnostic tool that highlights options which will suit your skill set and mindset.

When you’ve decided which route to take, I can provide practical support including interview and presentation techniques and CV writing.


People management consultancy

As well as management coaching, I help owner managers and in-house HR professionals to set up people systems and processes for their daily, weekly and quarterly people-focused activities.


I work well alongside HR managers who:

  • Would benefit from additional support and coaching to improve their skill and confidence

  • Have identified a need to run an in-house middle management development programme but don’t have the skill set or time to run it themselves.

Nina believes in the power of positive intervention to initiate significant personal change and growth. She’s a strong advocate of unlocking leadership potential in the workplace, building management capabilities and positioning each individual on the road to success. She’s experienced, passionate & grounded. Most importantly she’s operated effectively in corporate environments extensively herself – she’s been in your shoes. If you’re looking for a significant breakthrough, look no more.
— Philippa Haynes, Insight 101
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About Nina Mayler

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I set up Mayler Management Coaching because I believe that when managers are supported to develop the right mindset, tools and experience, they can bring the very best out of their team.

Having spent many years as an HR consultant, I’ve seen how quickly people issues can escalate. They consume a manager’s time and money and cause stress. I work with clients who want to help their managers succeed, not exit them.

Instead of relying on a stream of quick fixes or capability processes, I implement a proactive, sustained approach. I created the Unique Management Footprint and the Unique Career Footprint as specific gap analysis tools to identify targeted training, mindset and behaviour needs.


To find out how I can help you or your team, please get in touch.